“Daily” Skate 24 May 2023

Yard work was not an adult responsibility I sought out or looked forward to, and during my skate this morning, I remembered why. I usually feel fluid and responsive, but today I felt stiff and without flow.

Still, Spring air is warm without the blanket of humidity summer is likely to bring, and sunrises since April have been adding vibrant colors to the sky.

Red sun morning

I thought a lot about eye dominance as I rode this morning. The more I gear myself toward learning switch (which went about as well as I could hope), the more surprisingly complete the picture of my board appears.

Being left eye dominant, my view mostly focuses on my front foot and where I’m going. Switch my stance, and my dominant eye looks between my feet and at the board. Instead of watching what happens from over my front foot, I’m comfortably watching from the tail.

Even though board awareness in switch appears to be something engaging concrete senses rather than just “feel,” I expect to continue my practice of using “feel” while riding regular.

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