“Daily” Skate 26 May 2023

Late start today, but it worked out for having met another rad skater. 

Also, I had a record time today, topping out at just over 3 hours. I’m not sure what I thought would happen afterward, but 3 hours of skateboarding means tightness in my lead hip and lower back.

I was glad to stay at the skatepark for so long, despite the soreness/pain. The cathartic release of energy aside, the more I skated, the more I felt connected to what I was doing. I’m still learning a lot of the basics, but the learning process felt more attended to. 

At the beginning of many skate sessions, I find myself thrust into scattered observations when one second I’m looking at the bank, the next I’m watching my feet, then the concrete in front of me, then the board, then a bird, then… After accepting I was getting tired today, I focused on the whole of my skateboarding—my body, the board, revolutions of the wheels, the obstacle, my body in relation to the obstacles, etc. As if switching from first to third person in a video game, I better understood my position in the environment as I skated over and around the park. 

Can’t say when I’ll test this informal hypothesis of the link between fatigue and flow, but it won’t be in the next week or so. I’m hoping for a relaxed morning session tomorrow, but we’ll see. I might not be able to get out of bed. 

The ledge I like to skate

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