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  • “Daily” Skate 29 March 2023

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  • “Daily” Skate 28 March 2023

    Gotta love a sunrise skate! More goose poop and worms on the concrete today, giving new meaning to the term “muddy season.” With the weather showing tangible signs of changing to spring conditions, I came around in a way this morning, too. I went to the alternate skatepark to mix things up and found myself…

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  • “Daily” Skate 26 March 2023

    This is a day late, but hey. Got back to the park after my spill. Felt an awkward tenor on the air, but I started the session without headphones to listen to the vernal birds chirping and got into a groove eventually. Struggled with all things frontside, but it seemed fitting to continue that struggle…

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  • “Daily” Skate 24 March 2023

    First legit spill of my return to skateboarding—broken glasses, blood, and all. I thought it was a good idea to go for a board slide on a low ledge before I was ready. Smart. Usually, I’m a thinker, so I go over a possible trick for any number of sessions before making the first attempts.…

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  • “Daily” Skate 22 March 2023

    Pre-work skate in misting rain, then full on drizzle slicking the skatepark. It didn’t last long, but, to be fair, it was power slide heaven for a while there. Tried the back side slide but need to stretch beforehand next time–then, the knows? Felt joy riding in the rain. The absurd artifice of skating when…

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  • “Daily” Skate 20 March 2023

    With the weather juggling the perfect median of cold and blue sky, it was hard not to make room for a lunch skate. Again, I had the pleasure of the park populated with good vibes. Met a skater who encouraged a trick I hadn’t thought of and which I can’t easily describe at this moment…

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