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  • Rained Out

    Rained Out

    In these first months of my adult era skateboarding, I’ve found a meditative quality to attempting moves. From ollies to carving, if my mind is somewhere else, if I’m allowing my thoughts to rule over my inner mind, if I’m considering what I’m doing rather than taking part in the movements there’s next to no…

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  • Learning Process

    Learning Process

    In response to Renny’s comment, which linked a Ted Talk by skater and physicist Dr. Tae, my first thoughts jumped at Tae’s elaboration on flow in learning a trick. An idea occurred to me as he talked about that painful, but flowing sweet spot—that place in getting a trick where you can land it, but…

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  • Some Thoughts

    Some Thoughts

    Each time I skate or watch clips, I’m reminded that skateboard culture is so varied it actually requires individuality, freedom, and heart. Heart—We’ve all seen people come and go in the arena of our passions. Even in small ways: there was that kid who skated for a summer, a couple weeks, then never again, no…

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  • Winter 2022 Reflection

    As skateboard season comes to a snowy close, I’m thinking back on the past few months of my return to the sport/hobby/lifestyle/whatever of skateboarding. At this point, I have no great philosophical truths to expound upon, nor are there any mind-blowing tips & tricks to share, just a comment or two about the process of…

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  • Then & Now

    As I compared my classically styled & newly minted boards side by side, I realized how this time around, I am coming to skateboarding with positivity at my back, with a sense that the best of us can be found at a skatepark, a street spot or online.

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  • Daily Skate 7 Aug 2022

    Light tangerine sunrise, too citrine to capture with my phone. It was a standard ride today—I went over the usual moves, which I seem to be improving. I did pump my way around the park a lot, though. In the last few weeks, I’ve started to play this game where I see how long I…

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  • Daily Skate 6 Aug 2022

    Sluggish after Friday night pizza. It was pretty much worth it, though. In a sort of circular perspective on the cause and effect, the pizza led to the mellow ride this morning. The fear that I just wasn’t trying (which usually leads to my slams) occurred after a handful of “I should’ve bent my knees…

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  • Daily Skate 28 July 2022

    Radical sunrise this morning, but I missed most of it while trying to capture it in a time-lapse. Oh well. I’m skating pretty good…for someone who used to skate—I’m feeling more balanced on my board and more comfortable jumping in. Although, it’ll be a while before I can land anything right away. Today I tried…

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  • Daily Skate 27 July 2022

    Today I realized that my local skatepark opens at dawn, not sunrise. Got there a quarter till sun-up, which gave me time to enjoy the dark while I shook the dust out of my joints and muscles. Morning broke in a brilliant panorama of painted clouds, which turned dark and heavy to the east. Fell…

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  • Daily Skate 26 July 2022

    Pretty okay ride today. I kept working on the basics of riding out fakie and cruising switch, which has me realizing my total beginner status in that respect. Still working toward consistency with my tail stalls (sometimes a slide). Nearly wiped out over my ankle—my biggest fear. I’ve wrecked my ankles a few times in…

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