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  • Daily Skate 04 Sept 2022

    Gotta love the quiet of a Sunday skate. The park I go to lay just off one of the main roads into town and directly on a street used by walkers, joggers, and anybody cutting past that downtown traffic on their way south. Usually, even at dawn, the area is rustled by trucks, long distance…

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  • Daily Skate 29 Aug 2022

    Sluggish skate in the humidity today. Still, sunrise burst over the sky in a short flicker of cloudy pink light, making the heat and waning hope for autumn bearable.

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  • Daily Skate 15 Aug 2022

    It felt great returning to my board and skating. I had pretty low expectations for how it would go, considering I’m just at the start of riding again, and my balance isn’t really in order yet, but I was surprised to gel with most of what I was doing right away. Transitions still give me…

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  • Daily Skate 27 July 2022

    Today I realized that my local skatepark opens at dawn, not sunrise. Got there a quarter till sun-up, which gave me time to enjoy the dark while I shook the dust out of my joints and muscles. Morning broke in a brilliant panorama of painted clouds, which turned dark and heavy to the east. Fell…

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  • Daily Skate 26 July 2022

    Pretty okay ride today. I kept working on the basics of riding out fakie and cruising switch, which has me realizing my total beginner status in that respect. Still working toward consistency with my tail stalls (sometimes a slide). Nearly wiped out over my ankle—my biggest fear. I’ve wrecked my ankles a few times in…

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