“Daily” Skate 11 May 2023


The new deck: three skulls, one mind.

Rode the new deck today—it had fresh pop and shape, plus I always enjoy new, clean grip tape. At first, it felt wrong to do anything that would scratch up the art, but this deck, of all the decks in the world, understands destruction. 

Yes, I went sticker crazy. Call me a sucker for creative opportunities. I definitely cough never wrote a poem or set of cough quotes on blanks when I was a teenager. ahem  

I’m interested to see how the stickers come apart, to be honest. Before mounting the deck, I put a tarot card sticker where I knew it would get torn—you can’t keep things beyond their purpose, anyway, right? When I rode today, the expected happened. The Hermit pulled and tore at a corner when I did a rock’n roll on a small ledge (It seems like I acknowledged the card and that the next step is to be less of a hermit and meet more skaters). 

Still having trouble getting back to dawn rides. I miss the quiet and riding under the span of the sunrise, but getting out of winter hibernation is taking some time.

Spring is in full swing, though. When my alarm goes off, I’ll just remind myself February’s cold is long gone. 

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